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a.Fiqhul Ikhtilaf (Differences of Scholars) on Islamic Student Movement to Discourse Liberal and Fundamental Thought, 2010

b. Muhammadiyah as Conflict Resolution Agent (Co-Research with DIan Azmawati), 2009

c. Women and Conflict in Indonesia: The study of women participation as the agen of conflict resolution, 2009

d. Early Warning System on Local Elcetion for Governor in East Java (Co-research with Ali Muhammad), 2009

d. State Auxiliary Institution in Trias Politika (2008)

e. Muhammadiyah and New Islamic Harakah in Indonesia, 2008

f. The politic of Muhammadiyah on Local Elecetion in Jogjakarta, 2007

g. Conflict and Negotiation in Mindanano (2007)

h. Muhammadiyah and The New Islamic Organization (2006)

i. Muhammadiyah and Power 2005

j. Relation between Political Geography and Conflict in Southeast Asia, 2004

k. Conflict and Poverty in South Asia, 2003

l. Conflict Resolution in Islamic Perspective, 2002

m. Relation between Political Geography and Conflict in Middle East, 2001

n. The Political Thought of Ibnu Taimiyyah and Ghazali About Islamic State, 1999

o. Democratization in Islamic World: The Studies of Democratization in Pakistan and Iran, 1999

p. Women Leadership in Islamic World: The Study of Women Leadership in Pakistan, 1998

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